Current Students

As a CSP student, you are part of a unique UBC program that aims to present first-year science using an integrated, community-minded approach.

All CSP students attend their core science courses together as a group. Unlike students in the standard first-year science program, you will notice the same people in all your science lectures and labs. In addition, your science professors and lecturers will meet bi-weekly throughout the year in order to plan course related CSP Workshop activities.

A very important aspect of CSP is a strong emphasis on critical and creative thinking. Your weekly CSP workshop will include activities intended to give you the opportunity to develop these skills. In all your classes you will be encouraged (and expected!) to think for yourself, to take responsibility for your own learning, and to make a real commitment to the CSP approach. For more on this, be sure to read the document entitled 'Survival Skills for University'.

Within CSP, there are two options. The majority of CSP students are in the General Science Option (GSO), which includes Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and the CSP workshop. Computer Science option (CSO) students attend some of these same classes, plus two computer science courses. Registration in CSP is limited to 168 students on a first-come, first-served basis. These students are divided into six groups in order to attend the weekly workshops, so you can expect to see about 28 people during your workshop time.