High School Educators

The Coordinated Science Program (CSP) is an alternative to standard first year science, suitable for students who have broad scientific interests and want to be part of a smaller community within the Faculty of Science. 

CSP offers a standard timetable, with the following science courses:

  • Chem 121/123
  • Phys 101
  • Math 102/103 (or 180 if student has no Calculus)
  • Biol 121 and Biol 112 (112 optional)
  • CSP Workshop

All CSP students attend the same sections of the previously mentioned courses, with some exceptions if the student has advanced placement credit, or if the student has not completed calculus coursework.  The guidelines regarding changes to the standard suite of courses are that a CSP student may drop or substitute ONE course ONLY per term if he or she has advanced credit in Biology, Chemistry, Math or Physics, or to include Math 180 in place of Math 102, or for courses not required for CSP or for Computer Science Option students.  More information on this can be found in the Prospective Students/ FAQ page on this website.

In addition to enrollment in CSP-designated sections of the first year science courses, the Program provides a weekly CSP Workshop with hands-on activities that complement coursework and support development of general academic skills such as collaborative problem solving and communication. With a class size of less than thirty students, CSP Workshop enables students to work in small groups that facilitate formation of friendships and supportive academic learning groups.  


Prerequisites for enrollment in the Coordinated Science Program are:

  • Acceptance into the Faculty of Science at UBC
  • Completion of the following courses, or equivalents, prior to the September beginning of the academic year at UBC (i.e. may be taken during the summer): Chemistry 12 and Physics 12

It is strongly recommended (but not required) that the student complete Calculus and have proficiency in English. A mark of 75% or better in English 12 or an LPI score of 5 or better meets the requirement for enrollment in first year English and represents a suitable level of proficiency.


The Coordinated Science Program offers students an easier transition from secondary school to university in that it provides a smaller community of science students with whom interaction is easy in the common sections of all science courses, and within the small group (28 person) CSP weekly workshop.  The CSP program encourages collaborative work both through workshop activities and by providing a dedicated CSP study space in which students can learn from each other.  Thus, students are afforded a more intimate community for both learning and social interaction when they enter UBC.

Historically, CSP sections of science courses have generally achieved higher average exam scores than other sections in the same courses.

Upon competion of the Standard Timetable courses plus the Recommended Courses, a student has all the prerequisites to enter into any second year science program.