Comparison with other programs

CSP compared to Science One


Science One

Requires admission to the Faculty of Science. No other application is needed. Registration is through standard timetables (STTs) on the online Student Service Centre (SSC) starting in June.

Requires admission to the Faculty of Science and a separate Science One application.

Enrollment limited to 168.

Enrollment Limited to 75.

Chemistry and Physics 12 are highly recommended, but there are options for students missing either of these.

Calculus 12 is highly recommended.

A grade of 80% in English 12 or an LPI score of 5 or better is strongly recommended.

Students are required to have a minimum of 80% in Biology 11 or 12, Chemistry 12, Physics 12, Principles of Mathematics 12 (or BC equivalent), Calculus 12, and at least 80% in English 12 or English Literature 12 (or BC equivalent) or an LPI score of 5 or better.

The 24-credit package of courses for CSP science students includes Biology 121, Chemistry 121/123, Math 102/103, and Physics 101 taken as separate courses, but with the same cohort of students. (Note: most students also take Biology 112.) In addition, there is the CSP workshop (CSPW 100), with topics chosen to reinforce coursework and scientific skill development.  

Students receive a separate grade for each course.

The 29-credit package (27 Science One credits plus 2 credits for co-requisite, Biology 140 lab course in term 1 only) presents Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics in a unified and integrated format. Science One credits are not explicitly associated with specific courses, but completion of the program (students receive one blended mark) satisfies the entrance requirements for all 2nd year courses in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.

Provides less academic support than Science One, but more than in the Standard Program.

Provides a high level of academic support.

For more detailed information about Science One, please see the Science One website.


CSP compared to the Standard Science Program


Standard Program

Students take all their core courses together. As a result, they have the opportunity to form a supportive learning and social community.

Students have the freedom to choose any section of each course they select, and typically have different classmates in each course.

CSP instructors in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics meet periodically to discuss, and help plan course-related CSP Workshop activities.

Instructors work independently with no coordinated activities.

Students attend lab sections comprised primarily of fellow CSP students.

Students attend lab sections with others taking the same course, but possibly in a different lecture section.

CSP students have a space of their own to meet classmates and seek integrated academic support unique to the program. They also have access to the subject-specific help each department offers to all first-year students.

Students receive subject-specific academic help from the departments that teach each of their courses.

CSP includes a weekly workshop (CSPW 100) that provides extra support for learning and builds essential scientific skills. This course is worth 1 credit and is graded pass/fail.

Students have no multidisciplinary workshops.


More information about first-year science choices can be viewed on the Faculty of Science website.