Description of program

What is CSP – the Coordinated Science Program?

  • A highly sought after program for first year science students
  • A cohort program (students enrolled together in core science courses) with limited enrollment
  • A suite of courses, organized into a standard, pre-arranged timetable, that together provide the prerequisites for entry into ANY second year Science program
  • A smaller academic and social community at UBC, in which one can easily get to know others
  • Access to a CSP-dedicated study space in the beautiful I.K. Barber Learning Centre

CSP as an Academic Community

CSP includes academic benefits such as the dedicated study space in the I.K. Barber Learning Centre, where students study together, as well as the small group workshop sessions and the common enrollment in CSP sections of core science courses.  With these benefits, CSP students are able to be part of a small learning community within the larger community of approximately 1600 first year science students at UBC.  

CSP as a Social Community

CSP Council, elected representatives from the cohort, plan activities for CSP students including movie nights, ski trips, volunteer activities and dinner parties. The social activities complement the academic activities, facilitating development of lasting friendships. Many former CSP students have said that the friendships developed within the CSP community were maintained throughout the following years at UBC.

CSP Behind the Scenes

Your CSP professors and lecturers meet periodically throughout the year in order to plan course related CSP Workshop activities, to discuss how certain topics may be used to  reinforce what is taught in other courses, and to discuss ways to help students succeed.

CSP Standard Timetable Courses (automatic enrollment)

Enrollment in CSP’s standard timetable automatically enrolls you in 24 credits as follows:

  • Chem 121/123
  • Phys 101
  • Math 102/103 (Math 180 is an option if you have no Calculus)
  • Biol 121 and Biol 112 (112 optional)
  • CSP Workshop (small group, hands-on activities that complement your coursework and provide lots of opportunities to work with other CSP students)

However, various alternatives are available provided that no more than 1 core course is replaced.

Variations Now Permitted to Standard Timetable Courses

CSP students now have the option to replace any ONE of the core lecture courses from the standard timetable.  These core lecture courses are Chem 121, Math 102 and Phys 101 in Term 1; and Biol 121, Chem 123 and Math 103 in Term 2.  Note that changes to the standard timetable cannot be done by the student on SSC, but can be done by the CSP office upon receipt of an email request.


  • Students without Physics 12 can now be in CSP by replacing Phys 101 with Phys 100.
  • Students without Chem 12 may replace Chem 121 with Chem 111.
  • Students with AP/IB advanced credit can use that credit in place of one CSP core lecture course.
  • Students planning to major in Physics can and should replace Phys 101 with Phys 117. 

Recommended Courses (individual enrollment)

MOST second year science programs require one or both of the following first-year science courses:

  • Biology 140 - required for most Life Science majors plus a few others
  • Physics 118/119 - required for Physical Science majors plus a few others 

For details about prerequisites for specific programs, look for information about science programs of interest in the UBC Calendar.

First-come, first-served

Registration in CSP is limited to 168 students on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration for CSP takes place at the same time as registration for all UBC courses.