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The Standard Timetable (STT) includes 24 science credits. One of the courses, Biology 112, is optional. Guidelines for allowable changes to the STT can be found below under the heading "Standard Timetables, Very Important". A student may request that the CSP Office remove an optional course from his/her timetable after registration in CSP is completed.

Registration Guidelines for 2018-2019

For students without Physics 12:
Students should read answer to Frequently Asked Question #12

If your Pre-calculus (Math 12) mark <80%:
Students should read answer to Frequently Asked Question #14

For Computer Science Option:
Students should read answer to Frequently Asked Question #6

1) Prior to your registration date, visit the online UBC Student Services Centre (SSC) and choose a CSP standard timetable (STT) described in the UBC Calendar, plus elective courses in order to create a conflict-free timetable. It is advisable to create alternate schedules in case your first choice STT and/or elective sections are full. Create preferred and alternate worklists to make registration as simple as possible.

2) On or before your registration date (June 2018), access the online SSC, and login with your UBC student number and PIN.

3) Once you have successfully logged in to the SSC, click on the Registration tab at the top, then click on Standard Timetables from the drop-down menu.

4) Ensure that the UBC Vancouver campus is selected on the blue buttons to the right of the screen, and that the Session is 2018 Winter.  (This is especially important if you are creating a worklist prior to your registration date, when the system default may still be 2018 Summer.)

5) Scroll down and click on BSC

6) Click on Standard Timetables - Year 1

7) Click on the CSP STT (Standard Timetable) of your choice.  All courses are shown, together with a timetable.

8) If you are making a worklist (recommended), click the blue button "Save to Worklist"

9) To register in your elective courses, you need to leave the Standrad Timetables registration area, and go to the Courses registration area.  Click "Browse", click "Courses", select your course, and add it to the worklist.  Be sure to register for all activities for each course if applicable (lectures, labs, tutorials, discussion groups).

10) On your registration date, when you go to this page, you should see a "Register Selected" or a "Register All" button.  Clicking on one of these will accomplish registration.

11) Computer Science Option (CSO) students should follow the instructions in Frequently Asked Questions #6 for timetable choices and/or timetable modifications required to fit in CS courses.

12) After registering in a CSP timetable, anyone who might need the Standard Timetable (STT) modified should contact the CSP office. Examples include those with Advanced Placement credits, or those wishing to have the CSP Office drop Biology 111 or 112 course from the STT.

Standard Timetables

Registration in CSP involves standard timetables (STT's). Each STT will register you in all CSP lectures, labs, associated tutorials and CSP workshop. STT's A4, C4 and D4 will register you in Biology 111. All other STT's will register you in Biology 112.  (Note that Biology 112 may later, at the request of the student, be removed by the CSP office.) The STT's do not register you in elective courses e.g. Biology 140, Physics 118/119, or English. You must register for your elective courses separately.

Students registering in the Coordinated Science Program must take the complete set of required CSP courses. The only allowable exceptions are that you may drop or substitute ONLY ONE course (see FAQ 9) if you have advanced credit in Biology, Chemistry, Math or Physics, or to take Physics 107 or 117 in place of Physics 101, or for courses not required for CSP or for Computer Science Option students. For more information about this, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

All CSP Standard Timetables (STT's) for 2018-2019 can be viewed on the UBC Calendar.