Alumni Testimonials

Former CSP students speak about CSP. . .

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I really enjoyed my experience with the CSP program which I believe offered a smooth transition into University life. The best part was that all of the classes consisted of the same group of students which provided the opportunity to easily meet new friends, most of whom I still took classes with in my 2nd year and onwards.

The CSP workshop provided some unique and fun activities such as doing debates and learning about different majors which many first years will not have the opportunity to do during their first year. There was also an exclusive space for silent and group studying for CSP students which was extremely helpful, especially when you are unfamiliar with all of the campus libraries at the beginning of the year.

Overall, I had a great time in CSP and I highly recommend it to all incoming first year science students!

Akie Watanabe CSP 2011-2012

What I appreciated the most from the Coordinated Science Program was the great sense of community. Because CSP students take most first year classes together, I got to connect with a group of incredibly passionate, talented and like-minded students. As an alumnus, I can soundly say that the program’s friendly culture transcends each year’s cohort. From an academic point of view, CSP’s supportive staff and comprehensive curriculum provided a strong foundation for my specialization in Honours Physiology. It is my sincerest hope that prospective students will enjoy the CSP experience as much as I have.

Zhihao (James) Xu CSP 2010-2011

Applying to the CSP program ('05) was the best decision for my undergraduate degree. Some of the highlights included the small(er) class size and the close interaction with our professors. We knew our professors mutually by name, which helped alleviate the anonymity in those university lecture halls. The staff were dedicated to teaching CSP students and had the extra time to answer our questions which helped with exam preparation and in applications for summer research positions. I still have vivid memories (& horrors) of struggling through the weekly calculus & physics problem sets with Dr. Thompson, our program director, as my personal tutor. I doubt this level of attention is even possible within the general sciences stream. Additionally, the smaller classes and workshops foster a close social environment and I made some life long friendships. I also consistently run into fellow CSP'ers in medical school and around the hospital which speaks to the strength of the program and its graduates. Ultimately, it is the best start to university as undergraduate science is challenging and the lack of supervision and direction in the general science program adds yet another challenge. As an added bonus, you will receive extensive support and guidance from a diverse group of alumni both in and beyond CSP. And if I may make another suggestion, after CSP, my next best decision was applying to the Bachelors of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLSc) program. Best of luck!

Gautamn Sarwal, MD, BMLSc, CSP 2005 - 2006

I found CSP to be a great experience. The thing I found the most helpful was having the same people in all my core classes. It was a great way to meet people and made me feel like part of the UBC community. This feeling has extended into my second and third years, as I still see many other CSPers in my classes. I made lots of friends, and this is the number one reason I would recommend CSP.

I also really enjoyed the profs. I felt like they respected us and it was great that they joined in the community too, by caring about the CSP events. It was nice that midterm dates could be planned to not overlap.

All in all it was a great way to start of my university life, and I hope UBC continues to offer it.

Karmen Scott 2002 - 2003